How Can I Cover the Senior Home Care Cost?

At Home Senior Services knows that many seniors prefer to age in place. To help make the home care cost more affordable, we have provided all the potential options you may have available to you to lower your out of pocket home care cost. 

Government Assistance Programs:

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State-funded program which can help seniors cover the costs associated with medical or non-medical care.

To Qualify:

  • Income per month < $2,313
  • Total Assets <$2,000
  • Nursing Home Eligible OR Assistance with 2 ADL's
  • In Home Assessment

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Veteran Benefits

Government funded Aid and Attendance which offers monthly cash payments for non-reimbursed medical expenses for veterans and their spouses.

To Qualify:

  • Veteran or Veteran Spouse/Widow
  • Veteran worked 90 days of active service with at least 1 day of service during wartime
  • Total Assets < $127,061 (excluding car, home)

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Federal Health insurance which is available to seniors who are at least 65 and those with disabilities, end-stage Renal Disease, or ALS.

To Qualify:

  • Part A & B: Be in one of the above groups AND be a permanent resident of the U.S. for at least 5 years
  • Part C & D: Be enrolled in Part A & B and in the area of your desired private insurer

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Private Pay Options:

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Long-term Care Insurance

Private insurance can be purchased to mitigate costs associated with assisted living, nursing, and in-home care.

Should Know:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Restrictions on policy
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Private Pay

Your out of pocket cost for agency home care can range from $25-$30 an hour depending on your location and what care you need.

Should Know:

  • Hourly minimum
  • If prices change depending on care needed
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Elder Care Attorney

You can get professional help from an attorney who specializes in moving assets to help minimize the costs of medical expenses.

Should Know:

  • Long-term medical expense
  • Hourly rate for the attorney

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