How Church Families Can Help Senior Members

If you have members of your ministry that are aging, it’s likely that they rely on the church community to stay connected and for support. Church families have the ability to help seniors navigate older age, whether it’s helping them develop safety systems at home or deal with financial decisions. The church family can help seniors work through the challenges of aging, which can be particularly helpful if they have limited or no relatives nearby. There are several ways that church families can help senior members.

Connecting with Seniors

For some seniors, the church network can be a fantastic way to stay connected to their community and feel supported in their old age.

● If you notice that any aging members of your church often attend service alone, consider reaching out to invite them for coffee or tea after the service to help them feel like valued members of the community.

● Inquire with your ministry about ways to get your senior some help within the church, whether it’s connecting them with spiritual counselors or calling them at home once a week to check in.

● If you have a teen at home, ask them if they’ll meet with a senior church member to help them get savvy with your church’s technology—by doing this, seniors will feel more aware and connected to the younger generations in the church community and be able to access more programs within the ministry.

Helping Seniors Age at Home

Seniors who have physical limitations or who are advancing in age may need some extra help at home. This is another strong area that church families can help senior members.

● As you get more connected to the seniors in your church, inquire about their home life to see if there are ways you may be able to assist them.

● If they are open to it, visit the senior’s home to see if there are ways you can make modifications that will make their home safer, such as adding hand railings in their bathroom or bedroom.

● If it’s obvious that the senior needs more help at home, offer advice for trustworthy caregiving options through Caregogi that could help them age more safely at home.

Financial Guidance for Seniors

Finances can be hard to manage as seniors age, so offer support and guidance for elderly church members.

● Many seniors face financial difficulties later in life, so offer to help them find a trusted financial advisor that can help them manage their expenses and budget accordingly.

● Consider organizing fundraisers within your church that can help support the elderly members, whether it’s through craft sales, donation jars, or trade fairs.

● For some seniors, selling their home is the best way to improve their finances; help them research their home’s value to determine whether it’s time to sell.

The church family can be a powerful network for supporting aging members of the community. In fact, many seniors rely on their churches for staying connected. Reach out to senior church members and offer assistance where you can, whether it’s friendship, helping them age more safely at home, or offering financial advice. It’s likely they’ll appreciate your willingness to connect, and you’ll help improve your ministry by doing so.

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