5 Ways to Enhance a New Marriage in Your Golden Years

Despite the media’s saturation with images of twenty-something newlyweds, a good portion of Americans actually get married in their golden years. According to U.S. Census data, at least 90% of adults over 60 have been married. If you are just beginning the next chapter of your life with a brand-new partner, read through this guide by At Home Senior Services to learn more ways you can grow your new marriage in your golden years.

Why Get Married Over the Age of 60?

If you are in a long-term relationship during your golden years, you may consider simply cohabitating or continuing to live in separate residences even after you’ve made your commitment. Many seniors don’t see a reason to get married over 60. Perhaps they’ve already been married and have kids, or maybe they don’t want to go through the legal hassle of tying the knot again. Others see marriage as an important milestone in a relationship that has nothing to do with paperwork formalities. 

5 Ways to Grow With Your New Partner

There are many legal, financial, and emotional advantages to marriage at any age. Consider the unique aspects of your relationship that may make it easier to get along, build intimacy, and even work together. 

1. Choose a Living Space

Will you move into your new spouse’s home of 35 years, or will you purchase a condo together? Perhaps, if it’s okay with your adult children, it’s a good idea to think about moving closer to the family with your spouse. These are important conversations that will weigh heavily on your early relationship, so proceed with caution and compassion.

2. Figure Out Your Finances

If you’re getting legally married, you should talk about creating a budget and combining finances — or not. Both of you may be happy with your separate checking accounts, or you may wish to create an additional joint account for household expenses. Be sure to fill out the right paperwork for tax time, look into insurance benefits, and update your Medicare status as necessary. 

3. Talk About the Future

Do you have medical issues you need to plan in-home care for? Or, does your spouse wish to move into an assisted living apartment with you? Would you both like to prepare your home in order to age in place while using a service like At Home Senior Services? You may not be at the age to discuss having babies during your newlywed years, but you have many other pertinent, age-relevant topics to plan for.

4. Think About Work

Depending on your career (or state of retirement), you may wish to spend time together by starting a hobby business together. You’ll be able to pad your income, work closely with your new spouse, and even use your skills to start something new. Consider officializing your new business as a limited liability company to protect your assets and avoid paperwork down the road.

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5. Bring in Family

Whether you have four kids from a previous marriage or you’ve been happily single for 65 years, it’s a good idea to develop a relationship with your new spouse’s family. While getting along with new parents-in-law may not be a big deal at this stage, your spouse’s siblings and children may take center stage in his or her life.

Getting married at any age is a cause for celebration! Be sure to discuss important life events, finances, and family issues with empathy and openness as they will likely come up whether you want them to or not. And begin discussing your desires regarding living situations as you age. It is a tough conversation, so it’s best to discuss it along the way. You could live together in an assisted living facility, age in place while utilizing in-home services from At Home Senior Services, or live separately but nearby to best care for each other’s needs. Aging isn’t for the faint of heart, but now you’re doing it with a loving partner. Enjoy each step together!