Senior Holiday Tips

The Holidays Opening Your Eyes to the Aging Process

The hustle and bustle of the holidays, while exciting, can also be very stressful. Many Americans are worrying about finding the perfect gifts and preparing for holiday events. In addition to those typical holiday stresses, you may also be caring for a loved one. If not, the more frequent family holiday visits may be opening your eyes to your aging loved one’s changes. Continue reading to learn more about senior holiday tips.

Juggling your already crazy work and family schedule with holiday events, being the primary caregiver for your loved one is overwhelming. Managing your loved one’s care may not be sustainable long-term for you, but home care is expensive.

Guilt creeps into your mind when you start to see your loved one grow more forgetful and lose the ability to walk the stairs with ease. You know you need to talk to your loved one about these changes and the options available for your loved one.

Adding to your guilt, you know your loved one wants to be as independent as possible despite independence becoming a challenge. The only way to maintain your loved one’s independence would be to take off work and care for them full time. However. there is no way that you can afford it.

Fortunately, At Home can help relieve the additional stress of caring for your aging loved one by offering you affordable home care with quality caregivers.

The American population is expected to more than double from 2016 to 2060, and of that population, 24% will be older than 65. These projections will make situations like the one above very common for Americans in the coming years.

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