Tips for Senior Sun Safety

Scorching heat is a common theme for most summers. This summer won’t be an exception to this common trend either. You can expect to see some sun and heat all summer long. But don’t get beat by the heat. You should know how to stay safe this and the best ways to keep yourself cool. Summer heat could be detrimental to you or your senior loved one. So, learn how to beat the heat this summer.

Drink More Water

This is probably the easiest thing you can do all summer to help you beat the heat. Water is essential for you to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s super important for you to stay hydrated in the summer. Your body loses more water during the summer because of exercise and the heat, both of which can cause you to sweat. Make sure you keep water nearby when you are outside in the heat especially if you’re with your aging loved one. The heat may take a bigger toll on your aging loved one. Stay hydrated and stay safe.

Make Your Own Air Conditioner

We live in a day where central air is a big thing, but not everyone has that luxury. Chances are your aging loved one lives in an older house and older houses tend to get hotter in the summer. Fortunately, you can still make your house cooler without an actual air conditioner. One way you can make your own air conditioner is by using a fan and a bowl of ice. Place the bowl office in front of the fan and let the fan blow cool air. However, f you are fortunate enough to have central air, you should clean the vents in your house at least once per month.

Use A Spray Bottle

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to use a pool in the summer. A lot of people don’t have access to a body of water either. However, swimming could also be dangerous to your aging loved one because of a lack of mobility. So, you could compromise by using a spray bottle. All you have to do is fill a spray bottle up with water and spray yourself as needed. This is a great way to feel some cool water on your skin. Also, it helps to regulate your body temperature.

Have Aloe Vera Ready

You should use sunscreen this summer to help protect your skin.  Sunscreen helps protect your skin from harmful rays from the sun. However, you may have forgotten to use sunscreen or may have hos to just not wear it. Well, now you’re facing the consequences. You’re sunburnt. Being sunburned is an awful experience. It’s painful and can make that warm summer sun feel even hotter on your skin. So, stock up on aloe vera. Aloe vera helps soothe sunburn and recover from it a little quicker. Keep your skin safe and cool by using either sunscreen or aloe vera if you’re already burnt.

Eating Spicy Foods

This may sound crazy, but it works for some people. People in India and other countries along the equator resort to eating hot and spicy foods to cool themselves off. While it sounds contradictory, it does work. Eating spicy food helps you with your blood circulation. This results in you sweating more and sweating is your body’s way of keeping cool. As your sweat begins to dry, you’ll feel cooler. You could try eating some spicy peppers to help you beat the heat his summer.

Cooling Down Your Bed

One of the worst things in the summer is being too hot to sleep. It is extremely difficult to fall and stay asleep when it is hot out. However, there are a variety of life hacks you can try that will you cool off the sheets to get a good night’s rest. One trick you can try is putting soft gel ice packs on top of your mattress and under your sheets. This will help your bed cool off in the summer heat. Another trick you can try is freezing a cotton sock filled with rice. You can then slip this between your sheets and the rice will help keep your bed cool for longer.

Pressure Points in Your Body

You may want to be able to have a quick fix to your body heating up in the summer heat. Fortunately for you, there’s a way for you to do this. All you need to do is know what pressure points in your body help you cool off and where they are at. There are tons of pressure points on your body, but only certain ones will help you keep cool. You should use the pressure points on your neck, wrists, ankles, and behind your knees. Keeping these locations cool will help the rest of your body stay cool as well. You can apply ice or old water to lower the temperature in these areas.

Cool Down In The Shower

This is another good way of Protecting Seniors from Dangerous Summer Heat if you don’t have a pool or live near a body of water. Cool showers can help lower your body’s temperature quickly. You should take frequent showers to rinse the sweat off your body. Cold showers are also good for your overall health as well. You can increase your alertness and improve your circulation by taking cold showers. If you are looking for a better body, cold showers can help stimulate weight loss and improve your hair and skin. You can also reduce stress and relieve depression by taking cold showers. Cold showers also help your sore muscles recover.

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