Being healthy and active as summer approaches

It can be difficult as we age to get out and do things.  Perhaps you’re retired and aren’t sure what to do with your time.  Maybe you are independent living at home and have problems getting around. You could be receiving senior home care or.  No matter where you are in life, one of the best things for our bodies is to stay active.  It can be difficult, but we need to keep our bodies moving to keep our muscles strong.  The great thing in this time of year is that everything warms up, the sun comes out, and we can enjoy some the beauty of the day.  Of course, that is when it is not hiding behind those rain clouds!

Gardening is a great way to stay active and healthy, and it can have many levels of activity to it.  A whole garden for example can consist of flowers, vegetables, and fruits and can cover a large area and a lot of plants.  Smaller gardens can be in smaller boxes or pots that can be put on a porch, window, or patio area.  You can even have small potted plants to go inside your home to liven up your living space. The smells and look by themselves can bring a whole new level of joy that we didn’t know that we could have.

Vegetables and fruit plants can even help promote a healthy diet that is filled with nutrition.  Beans for example are a great source of a variety of vitamins and minerals and can be grown in small boxes right at home.  They are low in calories and can be eaten freshly picked or cooked.  Not to mention there is something special about eating fruits and vegetables that you watched over and cared for right in your own home.

Grab some dirt, seeds, water, your gardening tools, and a planting pot or box today!  Whether you can plant and have a whole garden or a nice plant in a pot, you can do it.  Grab you’re senior home care provider, caregiver, family member, and friends today!