Superfoods for Seniors

Superfoods are everyday foods with exceptional nutrient density. They have the ability to improve one’s mood, physical health, and well-being. Check out five superfoods for seniors that can make them feel better both physically and emotionally.

1. Blueberries

Studies have shown that even a handful of blueberries can impact your health in many ways. Blueberries are one of the best foods that you can put into your body. They are filled with nutrients that can help lower blood pressure, protect against heart disease, improve memory, and maintain healthy bones. Since they are loaded with calcium, iron, and vitamin K, there are many different areas in which they can improve.

2. Salmon

There are over ten different benefits of consuming salmon. Salmon is not only one of the healthiest types of fish, but it is one of the healthiest foods that you can consume. Salmon is rich with fatty acids which can improve your heart, mood, and skin. There are hundreds of different ways to prepare salmon whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a breakfast option that is full of fiber. It is dense and can fill you up quickly, which can help you to lose weight. Eating oats can lower cholesterol and provide important vitamins and minerals. Another benefit of oatmeal is that it is a gluten free option for those who are gluten intolerant. Many people think that oatmeal is a bland food, but it can be jazzed up in many different ways. The possibilities of making oatmeal are endless. You can add ingredients such as nuts, cranberries, brown sugar, fruit, cinnamon, and coconut.

4. Asparagas

Asparagus is one of the top superfoods for seniors. It is a dense source of fiber and high in vitamins such as A, C, E, and K. Asparagas is low in calories and high in nutrients. A half of a cup serving has just 20 calories but is loaded with antioxidants and seven key vitamins. Asparagas is loaded with potassium which can help to lower blood pressure. In fact, a study was done where people ate a serving of asparagas a day for 10 weeks. At the end of the 10 weeks, people’s blood pressure decreased 17%.

5. Dark Chocolate

Chances are, this superfood is your favorite on the list. Dark chocolate is actually very nutritious and also delicious! It has the ability to improve brain function and reduce the risk for heart disease. Though it is considered a superfood, like anything, it is important to not overdo it because you want to always watch how many calories you consume.

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