Our Senior’s Stories: An Oreo Love Story

Who doesn’t like a beautiful love story?  Well, one of our clients, Jim, shared the sweet story of how he and his beloved wife, Pat, fell in love.  Although Jim is now widowed, he of course will never forget the day his heart was stolen by a stunning redhead.  You could say love at first sight or even love at first bite.

Pat was a beautician from Uniontown who moved to Jim’s neck of the woods in Brentwood, PA.  Jim had moved to the Brentwood area for work.  Jim caught sight of a lovely woman in a white beautician’s uniform and bright red hair while washing he care oen afternoon.  This gorgeous woman, Pat, had Jim immediately stopped and became so memorized that he watched her walk right by.  After that moment, he proceeded on three occasions to ask Pat out on a date, but, alas, she said no.  Finally he wooed her with tickets to a Harry Belafonte concert.  That move proved to be “the ticket” indeed!

Where does the “Oreo” love story come into pay?  Well, during one of their many times together, Jim and Pat were sharing Oreo cookies, since they were her favorite.  A piece of an Oreo cookie got stuck in her teeth!  At that moment Jim knew she was the one.  It was an endearing moment, which eventually led to their wedding.  Love at first sight turned into an enduring love for all time!

They ultimately moved to the Sewickley area where Jim still lives to this day. As Jim reminisced, he happily explained,  how everybody that met Pat liked her because she cared about people.  This special lady, whom he affectionately  called “Hon”, was a great mother to their three children, now grown with families of their own. Jim’s stated about his dearly missed wife:  “She had to be amazing to put up with me.”